Thursday, May 8, 2014

Light and Connecting with your subject

    Hello everyone! I am busily working to keep up on all my client orders, but I wanted to take a little break and share a fun session I did just for me the other night. This is my oldest daughter, Alissa. I know I'm her Mom so I might have the "Mommy Goggles" on, but isn't she STUNNING!!!! My middle Baby Girl Korynn came along as well. I will be posting her very own special post of images soon too.  I am so very lucky to have such beautiful, sweet girls.

  Well, the 3 of us drove around the city to find little out of the way places with pretty light. I wish I would have snapped a pull back image of where these were taken, you wouldn't believe it! Some in the midst of a construction site. While there was no work going on of course.

   A truly beautiful photograph isn't about the location, although that can't ever hurt, it is really about connecting with your subject and of course beautiful yummy light. I find myself driving around at the "golden hour" of the evening finding so many beautiful spots I would love to photograph someone. Many times I end up taking clients to one of my "spots" and I can see the doubt in their eyes. Like they are saying,"You want me to take a beautiful image where?.......  Here with all this blah."  So I absolutely love it when they see their images and their mind is blown by how much the location doesn't matter. Connect with your subject and make the light work for you, not against you. Remember, a beautiful image you see with your eye first. The camera sees it second. So if it looks pretty, chances are it will photograph beautifully. 

  So the meaning to all my rambling is,
#1. if you are a photographer.... don't let a location set you back and make you not be inspired by its lack of amazingness. Connect with your subject and rock the light. All will be well. And you will be a better more rounded photographer for it.

#2. If you are the client........  Have faith in your photographer. You have seen their work and that is why you hired them. You may not have ever seen how they get the perfect shot, but just know that your images will be beautiful. No matter how ridiculous it seems at the time. Or how many weird, laying on the ground poses they do or have you doing. If you don't have faith in them, maybe you shouldn't have hired them as your photographer in the first place.

Now I'll zip it and let you see the beautiful Alissa. :) Thank you

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  1. These are gorgeous Jen. She is gorgeous of course. But I'm blown away by your talent. :) love you.