Monday, January 28, 2013

The LeBaron Family

Happy Monday everyone! Just a small note before we get to see some gorgeous images. My canvas pricing has went up a small amount for this coming year. I am hoping to have all my prices locked in by the end of the week.

I have now had a little down time to finish up the business side of my JMP new year. I have everything organized, filed, edited and ready to go. Now with all my taxes filed and licensing out of the way I am able to focus on posting my beautiful sessions from this fall to now. I may jump around a little, but I will get to them all I promise.

 First up is one of my favorite families to work with ever, the LeBaron's. They are so sweet and gorgeous too! What's not to love. I love that I am able to make real friendships through my work. I honestly have the best clients ever! Thank you to all of you. Now here you go, enjoy LeBaron Family!!!

 I AM LOVING THIS RED HAIR! I could have photographed him all day long :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Luis & Sara Engagement Session

What a wonderful new year. I hope you are all enjoying it. I certainly have. There are some big things happening with JMP this year. First things first. I wanted to show you all how I started out my new year. This is my very first session of January 2013! And what a great one it was. We had to fight freezing temperatures but it was worth it. This beautiful girl is my youngest sister in law and she's getting married!!! We are so happy for them. I was honored to be given the opportunity to capture there fun and adorable engagements. I had such a hard time deciding which images to post, so there might be more coming! Thank you so much to Luis & Sara. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

 As I was reading through this blog post I realized there is a lot of kissing going on, I guess I'm in a romantic mood today. And I couldn't help love them all. They look so happy and in love. They made my job way to easy! 
Until tomorrow friends......