Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Dean Family

   Spring has sprung!!! I am so excited. I have been able to get out and enjoy photography again. No more frozen fingers of winter. It's on to warm spring days with green grass and flowers. I couldn't be happier. Now I'd like you to meet the Dean Family. This sweet family brought me so much joy to photograph. First of all they are all just gorgeous, and secondly they are all so nice. We had moments of heartfelt joy, and some craziness too. We had a great time capturing their families memories. I love when each individual family brings their own personality into their session. It makes their images so much more special and meaningful to them, not to mention more fun for me too. I love going home to cull the images and see what gems I caught. There are a few in this bunch, go take a look. I hope you all enjoy these, I know I do. Thank you so much to the whole Dean Family!