Friday, January 28, 2011

Image of the day

             It's Friday!!! I can't believe how fast this week has went for me. I guess being busy does that. I just wanted to share a quick photo of the day with all of you. I may not have a chance to publish a new post for a couple of days. I have a Valentine clinic tomorrow that I am so excited for. Can't wait! Such cute ideas in store for the girls.

              I've been working on a new brand for all my logos and my business in general. I tried it out on this photo. What do you think? I like the little touch of pink. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One photo several different ways

             I've been looking a lot lately at how to make every photo I take different and exciting. This is harder than you think. Sure I can change angles, or composition or even the pose and accessories, but sometimes there is a certain image that just speaks to me. Usually by accident. This is an example of one of my favorite photos of my oldest daughter. I shot about 100 frames of her this particular day and although some were much more appealing in other ways (like exposure, framing, poses, etc.) this one just got to me. Maybe it was her eyes, or the look on her face. I can't really put my finger on it, but I love it. And as a Mom or to a client this is what I strive to deliver. A photograph that you love to look at. Something you just love to pass by while it hangs in a special place in your home. This is one such portrait for me. Enjoy!

                                     Straight out of the camera. Not bad but lacking a little oomph!

                                 Color edit. Just made the colors pop!

                                 Black & White Conversion

                          And finally my favorite. Look what a little cropping can do to change it up.

More to come soon...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss Jen

        This is a follow up to the session I posted yesterday. I wanted both girls to shine all on their own so I chose to do two different showings for them. This is Jen. She is one of my best friends and GORGEOUS inside and out. Ever since we met we have just connected. Gosh I love that. It has only happened a few times in my life. They know who they are and they know they are my favorites :) I love some girl time.

         Now on to the fabulous photos.  Enjoy Jen. Hope they made him smile :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Heather

            I had the most amazing time this weekend. Things are going so good for me. Business is great and growing with leaps and bounds. Thank you all for that. This gorgeous girl is my daughters best friend Heather. Isn't she gorgeous..... :) They came up for a special photo shoot this weekend and it was so great to see them and have some fun on the trax. Here's what came out of it. Enjoy!!!

                                            My very favorite of the day. Can we say MODEL? 

              This cute shot was an idea of hers. Just playing around and it was one of my favorites. Quite a trooper to lay down on the tracks like that :)

                       Gorgeous high key effect. I thought it might be a little blown out, but I like it. It's all in a persons opinion right???  To each their own, and we love it!

                   Check out my new chair!!!! I absolutely love it!!! To see more of their work go to They do truly beautiful work! An awesome mother and daughter team. Thanks again.

                                                  Cutest Valentine cards for your friends too :)

Call to make your valentine session appointment today. Thanks for stoppin bye!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Mini Session

      Hello Everyone! I just wanted to announce my Valentine's Day Mini Sessions that will be held this Sat. Jan. 22nd from Noon until 4:00pm. Each session will be 30 min. and you will receive 4 edited images on a disc, 16 valentine cards, and 1 8x10. Each session will cost $45.00. Call or email me today for your session time. Hurry they are filling up fast. I am posting some examples of cards below. Thanks everyone!!!

( If any one would like to order Valentine Cards from a previous session I can do that as well. Call for details)

                                          Happy Valentines Day To All of my Friends and Clients!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil' Cowboys

        Here's a little something I've been working on. Seriously how cute are these two little cowboys? It makes me wonder what they'll grow up to be one day....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Follow up session...

             I just wanted to share a few more beautiful shots with you from my session with this couple. All I can say is Gorgeous!!!! I love the city look and feel to these pictures. It's not something I do much of. Although, I think I'll start. And L-O-V-E the boots Brindi. They were real troopers for this session. Come on... laying on the frozen ground with no coats and it's 15 degrees outside. Wow!!! But what a fabulous look it gave to the whole session. I hope they love them as much as I do. More to come soon....

            In the next few weeks I am going to be changing the look of my blog. Just a little heads up. Thanks for being patient with me. There is great things to come this year! I can feel it! Have a wonderful day :)