Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One photo several different ways

             I've been looking a lot lately at how to make every photo I take different and exciting. This is harder than you think. Sure I can change angles, or composition or even the pose and accessories, but sometimes there is a certain image that just speaks to me. Usually by accident. This is an example of one of my favorite photos of my oldest daughter. I shot about 100 frames of her this particular day and although some were much more appealing in other ways (like exposure, framing, poses, etc.) this one just got to me. Maybe it was her eyes, or the look on her face. I can't really put my finger on it, but I love it. And as a Mom or to a client this is what I strive to deliver. A photograph that you love to look at. Something you just love to pass by while it hangs in a special place in your home. This is one such portrait for me. Enjoy!

                                     Straight out of the camera. Not bad but lacking a little oomph!

                                 Color edit. Just made the colors pop!

                                 Black & White Conversion

                          And finally my favorite. Look what a little cropping can do to change it up.

More to come soon...

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