Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before & After...

          I just wanted to show you all the power of Photo shop. It takes an ordinary everyday, darling picture into BAM! Look at the colors, and the sharpness. I just love what editing can do for pictures. I try not to overdo it. I want people to say, WOW look at that amazing picture, not, wow look what she can do with photo shop. Now don't get me wrong I would love to be able to take SOOC (straight out of the camera) pictures like this, but I'm not there yet. This is my goal. :)

          I want to let everyone know I will be changing my specials on April 1st. If you want to take advantage of March's special call to book your appointment today and I'll reserve the price for you. The prices are listed to the right. Thanks!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The T Family

       This was a fun shoot I got to do about a month ago. It was a freezing day out and the kids were cold. Gotta love the first of spring. I still was able to capture some really cute shots. Thanks again Chelsie. Hope you enjoy your sneek peek :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Display

          How cute is this. It is fabulous to display anywhere in your home. Your kids bedroom's, a living room, a hallway. Anywhere you want to, really. It is timeless and classy. I am going to make one for my home right now!!!

           Each picture is 20x10. It makes a large display. If you don't have that much room, I could print them at 10x5". What a stunning way to display your session.

          The creators of this are wonderful photographers. You should defiantly check out their work. www.purephotoshopactions.com  It is AMAZING!!!

Little Miss K...

      Hello everyone!!! I am so sorry I have been M.I.A. lately. We have had a horrible round of sickness at my house. We are all finally feeling better and I am back to work.  Wahoo!!! In case anyone is interested my sale prices are in effect until the end of March. Hurry to make your sitting today :) Pricing is listed to the right.

     Now on to the cuteness that is Miss "K". Oh I was definitely in heaven when I showed up for this session. She is adorable!!! Seriously get out the guns Daddy! It started out a little rocky, but look how amazing these photos turned out! She was a perfect cowboy princess. I so love the boots with the tutu. It can't get any cuter than this. Thanks again Mandy. Hope you liked the sneek peek. More to come soon....