Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome Baby "C" 6 days new

   I'm back and ready for business in 2012! I missed you all. Sorry it took me a little longer than planned to get all the fun business side of things working right. There were taxes to file, business license to renew and just an all around makeover for JMP. I think this year will be better than ever! I have so many exciting workshops, mini sessions and amazing ideas to come.

   Now, on to the reason we are all here,  my first newborn session for the year.  Please welcome Baby "C". He is just 6 days new, and a little cuddler. Is he not the sweetest little guy ever?!?!? I had an amazing time with him and his proud Mommy & Daddy. Thank you so much for stopping by. More to come soon!!!

      *For anyone with a newborn who is interested in a session with me I am having a 25% off sale for newborns running through the end of Feb. They must be 5-12 days old at the time of session. The discount applies to session fee & print prices. So if you know someone with a newborn or one on the way, tell them about me and it could earn you free prints! Thanks everyone! Have an amazing weekend!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Makeover

   I hope all my clients and friends had a wonderful holiday season. I am back and booking appointments for Jan. 2012. Keep checking back for my awesome boudoir session sometime this month. Just in time for Valentines Day.

  I am giving my blog a small makeover. I have had a not so nice anonymous commenter. I have had to report them and need a little time to look into the matter. This is the first time someone has went to this level to try to belittle my work. It is upsetting to read lies and I do not want it to interfere with all the wonderful comments I get from my true fans daily. So, you know who you are, please be an adult and stop your harrassing. That is all I need to say on this matter.

  Look forward to my new improved blog coming soon. Thank you to all my many supporters!