Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Heather

            I had the most amazing time this weekend. Things are going so good for me. Business is great and growing with leaps and bounds. Thank you all for that. This gorgeous girl is my daughters best friend Heather. Isn't she gorgeous..... :) They came up for a special photo shoot this weekend and it was so great to see them and have some fun on the trax. Here's what came out of it. Enjoy!!!

                                            My very favorite of the day. Can we say MODEL? 

              This cute shot was an idea of hers. Just playing around and it was one of my favorites. Quite a trooper to lay down on the tracks like that :)

                       Gorgeous high key effect. I thought it might be a little blown out, but I like it. It's all in a persons opinion right???  To each their own, and we love it!

                   Check out my new chair!!!! I absolutely love it!!! To see more of their work go to They do truly beautiful work! An awesome mother and daughter team. Thanks again.

                                                  Cutest Valentine cards for your friends too :)

Call to make your valentine session appointment today. Thanks for stoppin bye!

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