Monday, January 28, 2013

The LeBaron Family

Happy Monday everyone! Just a small note before we get to see some gorgeous images. My canvas pricing has went up a small amount for this coming year. I am hoping to have all my prices locked in by the end of the week.

I have now had a little down time to finish up the business side of my JMP new year. I have everything organized, filed, edited and ready to go. Now with all my taxes filed and licensing out of the way I am able to focus on posting my beautiful sessions from this fall to now. I may jump around a little, but I will get to them all I promise.

 First up is one of my favorite families to work with ever, the LeBaron's. They are so sweet and gorgeous too! What's not to love. I love that I am able to make real friendships through my work. I honestly have the best clients ever! Thank you to all of you. Now here you go, enjoy LeBaron Family!!!

 I AM LOVING THIS RED HAIR! I could have photographed him all day long :)

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