Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thanks for patiently waiting...

      Hello everyone! I have so many families, weddings, babies and events to post. I promise to share them all soon.  I just wanted to take a minute and fill you in on a few details and say Thank you! Thank you to all of you who read my little blog and look at my work. Thank you for being so patient with me at this difficult time. And Thank you for believing in me and my work. It is what keeps me going everyday. I really believe when we do what we love is shows through our work.

    I have been going through some family medical issues. While they are serious, they do not involve me directly, but my family. I have been needed elsewhere and have put my photography on hold this last week. I am back now and editing away. It has pushed back my normal editing time just a little, but I'm on it. All of those who are patiently waiting for the "Rose Tea" images, they will be up shortly. Check back later this weekend or the first of next week to get the link.

   I'll leave you with a recent image I took at the Timber-mine Rose Tea last weekend. This is my lovely daughter who so patiently posed for me after the event. You know me, I can't resist a beautiful subject in a beautiful setting! Although I may be biased, because I'm her Momma, I LOVE everything about this image. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and have a great weekend!!!


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