Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hayden is O.N.E.

    Wow where has this year went? We are already almost on our 3rd month out of 2013! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! Speaking of fun, I had the most fun 1 year old session last week. I love this age. and what is cuter than a baby smashing a cake? Not a lot! This little man has been to see me a few times and each time he gets cuter, I swear! I'll post a before and after from newborn to now and you can see for yourselves. Ok, he was pretty adorable as a newborn too.

    Mom was so prepared. She had made all her own props! They were absolutely adorable. From the hat to the banner. She did it all. I love when parents take the time to think out their photo session and really personalize it to make it theirs. Honestly it will only make that much sweeter memories to have in the future.

    Well take a peek and see what you think. Happy first birthday Hayden bug! :)
The first image is the newborn I shot of him at about a week old, and the bottom is present day.

        Can anyone say Al Capone look alike? Love this image :) It makes me smile.

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