Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful Alissa

   Wow how time does fly! This beautiful creature is my oldest daughter Alissa. She is 15 now. I can not believe how grown up and beautiful she is! She is still cooperative with me and allows me to practice shooting my ideas with her. Thanks hon! I am so thankful to have these beautiful images of her. I know I will treasure them always. Enjoy!

         And meet the new edition to our family....... Skyy! He is Alissa's new horse. She bought and paid for him herself. I couldn't be prouder!

           And last, but certainly not least meet Doc! He is the big ol' sweetheart she learned to ride on when she was 3yrs old. He is a retired member of the family now, but still loved very much by his Sissa. Such a beautiful pair!

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