Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday we went out to have some fun playing on the trains and I ended up getting another of my favorite shots. I had big plans to do something very creative and they were changed by the weather. The kids were freezing. It was rainy and wet and cold. I was lucky to get the shots I did. Then it was like the movies when all of a sudden the sun comes out and it was an "AHHHHHHH" moment. We were just going around the train and the light caught my middle child's hair. I yelled STOP! She turned and said "What Mom?" I said "The light..." That was all she needed to hear. I have them pretty well trained now. She grabbed the rail and struck a pose. It was perfect, like magic. It does help that she is gorgeous! Not just because I'm partial being her Mom and all. Hehehe...   The moral of my very long crazy story is... always, and I do mean ALWAYS!!! have your camera at the ready and keep your mind working. I know it might be just luck sometimes, but not always. I capture my favorite shots this way. Everyone makes jokes saying that when I have my camera in my hand, I am in my own world. This is true. I'm always thinking and plotting my next pose. It's how I create what I love. Focus is a good thing. Try it sometime I think you'll be pleasantly surprised......

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