Monday, March 15, 2010

Gone to the dogs...

I just happened to catch our little chihuahua soaking up some sun on my bed. She knows she is not allowed up , but she defied me for a little sunshine. She will always seek out the sun. When she spots it there is no stopping her. She has to lie in it. No matter the consequences. In this case I didn't get upset. I was hurrying to find my camera. The light hit her just right. I had been out on a shoot all day and I was not impressed with the way the pictures turned out. Something was always off. Usually the light. I came home very down on my abilities as a photographer. Then I was inspired... I could tell these were pictures I was going to treasure forever. I didn't have to leave my bedroom to get my favorite shot of the week. If I'd only known that when I started out my day. In the end I loved each shot. Our precious little "Chica".

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