Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new day... Isn't it amazing what a picture of a beautiful sunset can do for your soul. It reminds us of why we're here and our purpose in life. I am very fortunate to see many many sunrises and sunsets from my very own back door. I feel blessed every time I see something that wonderful.
I have been very busy trying to get my new adventures in photography up and running. Between loads and loads of dirty laundry, getting kids to school and all that entails, working, cooking dinner every night, and being a good wife is a killer job. That's what we women are used to. At least all the women I know. Hopefully I will have some new and fun stuff to show you after this weekend. I am devoting myself to my taking absolutely lovely photos this weekend. I encourage everyone to go out and get inspired this weekend. Do something you love. You'll thank me for it....

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  1. I love that sunset photo, it is beautiful! You inspire me. So proud of you Lots of love, :)